November 8, 2019
Today as I read the Word, 1 Peter 5:7, it talked of casting my
I asked my husband the other day - How do we cast our cares?
Todays reading along with a devotion in
Sparkling Gems  by
Rick Renner explained the real meaning of it in the Greek.

"Take that heavy burden, difficulty, or challenge you are
carrying - the one that has arisen due to circumstances
that have created hardship and struggles in your life -
and FLING those worries, anxieties over onto the Lord's
back!  Let Him carry them for you!.  The Lord is
extreme,ly interested in every facet of your life and is
genuinely concerned about your welfare."

This reminded me - (I like to have doors opened for, be treated
like a lady)- of how I appreciate and allow the door to be opened
for me - so
allow Jesus to carry those burdens, concerns,
struggles for you - He wants to but He won't make you - you
have to decide that for yourself.
Allow Him to be your strength, your courage, your strong tower,
your everything - Allow yourself to lean on Him!  He longs to be
all that you need.
I also read a blog on Kenneth Copeland Ministries -
that also gave five steps to casting our cares.  
We have to replace those negative, worrying thoughts that go
against the Word of God.  We have to replace those worries with
His Word.
Find scriptures that relate to your situation and start putting
them in your mind instead of keeping that circumstance
focused in front of you.
We serve a big God who is always greater than anything that
we may face.  
Things are hard.  I am not saying this is easy.  I am
struggling with something myself, but we have to keep His
Word in our hearts and minds foremost.
We have to keep walking with Jesus and keep on keeping on and
keep going forward.
Keep thanking Him and praising Him anyway!
Pray for me as I am praying for those who are struggling with
like situations as well.  I appreciate the prayers of God's people.  
We need them.
January 25, 2020
As i have contemplated "trust" as in trusting the Lord this week
- these thoughts have come to me:
Trust Me/allow Me to do things in your life - take your hands
off - trust Me as dancing with someone, allowing them to be the
leader - He invites us to dance with Him, trust Him, allow Him
to be the leader.
Mickey sometimes says to me, "I'll let you do that"; "I'll let you
drive."  when he says that to me, he is saying i am going to let
you take control of the wheel and drive - i am going to sit back
and enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey.
That is what God is saying to us.  "Sit back and enjoy the ride
and the journey - let me take control and take care of things:  
take care of your concerns, your cares, your anxieties, all that
matters to you.  I will take care of you because I love you and
you are my child."
Thank you Father!