Bear W Daylily Farm in Morganton, NC is a place of peace and beauty where
you can enjoy God’s creation all around you. Located just west of the city of
Morganton, NC, off of Highway 64 toward Rutherfordton.  Nestled in
Brendletown Community, the daylily farm offers beauty and relaxation.  
Owners, Mickey and Kim Webb, have nearly two and one half acres of their land
landscaped with daylilies, hostas and pond areas.

As you enter Bear W Daylily Lane the Welcome Bear is there to greet you.  Other
garden critters, such as gnomes, dot the farm with amusement. Handmade
benches invite you to take a seat and view the handiwork of the Lord.  Ponds,
near the front of the property, grace the landscape with tranquility.  An old
store and antique farm equipment are also positioned throughout the garden for
rustic touches, which are enjoyed by the Webbs.  Farm animals also bless the
farm with life and fun: peacocks, chickens, cows, cats and a dog.  

Mickey and Kim Webb  have been in the daylily business since 1999, thanks to
much encouragement from family and blessings from the Lord.  It all began when
Mickey’s great aunt gave them several varieties of daylilies.  They were about to
get rid of them when Kim’s aunt and uncle, who were also in the daylily business,
sent them home after a visit with more lilies along with the encouragement to
begin selling them.  At about the same time Kim was laid off from work and the
next summer they were open for business.  At the opening of the farm there were
very few lilies and most of them without names, just sold as colors.  They give
credit to God for His blessings upon the farm and for the growth which has
taken place since their opening.  

In 2005, Bear W Daylily Farm was awarded Official Display Garden status by
the American Hemorcallis Society, which is a great benefit for their garden. There
are over 1300 varieties of daylilies on the farm at this time.  Hosta varieties
total close to seventy.

The Webbs have greatly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people.
People from various states have visited the farm.  

Daylilies are shipped from Bear W to the lower forty-eight states.  
are available, which is a great  option for daylily lovers in your family.

Bear W Daylily Farm
4560 Silver Creek Church Road
Morganton, NC  28655

Consider the lilies, how they
grow: they neither toil nor
even Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one
ofthese.  If then God so
clothes the grass, which
today is in the field and
tomorrow is thrown into the
oven, how much more will
He clothe you, O you of little

Luke 12:27, 28
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JUNE 18, 2016